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Do you listen Kygo’s music? 
Yes, I do! I find his music really good but he is not my fav artist!
What kind of workouts do you do? How often do you go to the gym /workout at home in a week?
Now I’m back on track with fitness. I try to at least hit the gym 3 times in a week. I normally do workouts for abs and my bottom downwards, specially thighs. But I know that it is really important to train your full body. I never train my arms or shoulder, I find it really boring.
Would you recommend chemical hair straightening? Of what do I have take care it I do it?
I recommend keratin treatment. It doesn’t damage your hair much as chemical hair straightening. You have to treat your hair with oil or any other kind of hair repair treatment.
What’s your height and weight? What do you do to have such a good skin and hair?
My passport says I’m 163 cm and right now I’m 57.1 kg. I have never weighed this amount before. Even a year ago I was 52kg which was my normal weight. Therefore my goal is to get back to that weight before summer. I’m going to do a diet in addition to that because you know, food matters as well so if that works I will do a post about that too.
What would u name ur kids?:) Btw i love ur blog, keep doing what ur doing cause u are so inspiring<3
My name for my kids are already taken. I love names like Angelica, Angelina etc. But I think those names are already given to upcoming kids. So when I’m pregnant and reaches that stage, then I will find out the name. Thank you for reading my blog. I’m glad to hear that!
Hope your doing good after so much travelling in the past time☺ You are doing several Jobs/Courses around the World. Would you like to only work in Switzerland and and maybe open a studio for clients/ work or would you like to do work like so far?
Yes, I am. Thankyou for asking. Hope you’re well too. No, my plan is to stay in Switzerland. It’s okay to travel and take customers here and there in a while. But when you do that all the time, I swear you will feel wrecked and just tired! Because it takes a lot of time to travel. You almost lose 2 days just for travelling itself. I’m going to open a studio on the ground floor on my new house, which is my plan. So the plan is to concentrate more on the studio will be what I’m looking forward to in the next coming months.
Which glasses are you wearing?
I bought the glasses from Forever21.
Are you a full time make up artist or are you a blogger? also what is your biggest inspiration?
Blogging is only a hobby for the moment. I use blogging as a way of communicating with all of you out there. I would rather say I’m a full time makeup artist than a full time blogger.
How much time do you use on makeup everyday?
Well, I don’t use makeup for daily use. But when I go out I use 30-45 mins to get my makeup done, depends on how much time I have.
Do you get all your sarees from VA collections? What other places do you buy indian/tamil clothes?
Nope, I do not. I love VA collections sarees as you might have figured from me posting so much photos wearing their sarees haha! But I also get my desi clothes from Saankri Label or shops in London.
What does your husband think about your style?
I haven’t asked him about his opinion but sometimes he used to complain if I wear dresses or kilinchu pona jeans 😛 I hate to wear accessories or jewellery when I wear sarees. A year ago I always go with a big jumka with sarees. He hates it! He always says I look like a pichakaari without jewellery and bangles. Haha. So yes, that’s his opinion.
What do you do to relax, since you travel and work alot?
Right now I feel really relaxed if that kind of answers the question haha. I want to do something, I want to work more. When I’m at home if there are no bridal works, I would just be eating, sleeping and eating. That is also the massive contribution in me gaining 5 kg in the past half year. So I just started to work with my husband in the office. Doing some paper works, also since that is the only way I can really get to know how he looks after his business lol… And when my studio is done it would be much better for me!
How do you keep your hair so thick? I love it ! I love when tamil girls blog. Keep up your good work :)!
Thankyou so much, I’m glad you like it! Eating healthily is a huge factor to hair growth. I had some problems with dry scalp and lost a lot of hair. So I’m using a shampoo I got from my doctor (prescribed) and that helps a lot.
Which primer did you use ?
For the face I use Nars, Mac and Too Faced. Sometimes I don’t even use primer.
On your last post in February did you mention about a good news, which you will tell us. And what is the good news? We all are so curious *.*
Haha, aww feels good to know that you looked out for that. I have already wrote a post about the good news. The good news is that my brother in law is getting married this year, august 2017.
Can you give tips how to maintain a long distance relationship? had you any problem? How do you communicate? Have you ever had the fear, when he has no more feeling for you?
Yes, it was really hard the first 2 years. We did fight a lot and it was a lot of misunderstanding. It’s hard to trust each other when you are in the beginning of a relationship. We fought so much that we both never thought we will end up together. But luckly we did! We have been through some hard times and some memorable times that still keep us together, specially our love story made us meant to be. But as you know, every relationship has ups and downs but as long as you maintain a decent amount of respect for each other, communication becomes easy.
Can you make a makeup video?
I have promised you guys that I would be doing a makeup video when my studio is ready so I will definitely do that soon as my makeup studio is ready.
Where did you get the orange salwar with flowers, which you are revolving in a insta-video?
That salwar with flowers is from Southall in London. I bought it for 25 pounds.
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    May 13, 2017

    You said you use a prescribed shampoo for your hair, could you tell which shampoo it is as I am also facing some dry-scalp problems. I would also be happy to know what kind of extensions you use 🙂

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