It has been 3 absolute tiring days for me. This is the first time in my life that I decided to get stuck into a diet plan. I thought I was going to skip or be lazy or postpone it but guess that! I am so proud of myself because none of those negative thoughts came in so yes, 5 more days to go. Need to hang onto myself!

I’m doing an Aloe Vera detox for 9 days. This program will help you lose weight quickly and effective too. Some say 9 days it not enough or some might say 9 days is too long. Either way, I want to try this out and I have done enough research to ensure it won’t affect me negatively. So girls, PLEASE MAKE SURE you do enough research before trying out any diet plans or detox cleansing plans. Well within 3 days I lost 2 kg! Imagine the effectiveness and the impact it had on me so I am loving it! This plan basically focuses on low calorie plan and meal replacement drinks/ the main supplement is Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera is one of the best body cleaners. It cleanses out toxic matter from the stomach, kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver and is the most effective colon cleanser. It has a lot of amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fibre that your body needs.

First when I heard about the diet I did not believe in that. Therefore, I got curious about it and I thought it was just for promotion. I have tried to eat healthy previously as we all do but it’s really hard to keep up with it when you have a father-in-law at home who loves cooking. Ah, sigh! Well it’s with the mindset too guys. If you genuinely do not want to live a healthy lifestyle and is doing to please others then quite naturally you will fall back on it. Although, chocolates and white bread is out of my life right now and this program helped me start a healthy lifestyle. I only understand the value of the food today and sometimes I use to starve myself a lot; at times doesn’t eat at all. I know, very silly thing to do!

In these 3 days, I couldn’t even touch any food or fruits and now I understand that I should never throw out food in the garbage. Something to really value guys, some people only has one meal a day! Take less food on the plate first so you need more, just add more onto it so there will be no unnecessary wasting of food. This program has really changed my relationship with food to a better level. Because let’s be honest folks, sometimes you can do binge eating and just be really careless about your appetite by eating anything and everything. Later on in life, those consequences will show up as visible fat or other severe health risks along with it. You might think it is not vital to work on any of that because any negative signs are not showing on your body now. Don’t deceive yourselves. Believe me, you need to start working on yourself now! Along then comes a massive and positive difference and you will eventually amend good habits into your lifestyle. Not just physically, more mentally as well.

I cannot wait to show you the results in 5 days and to share it with all of you. I hope it would bring me back to how I used to be 1 year ago! After I’m done with this 9 days detox cleansing, I would start a healthy lifestyle and try my absolute BEST to maintain it! My food program is going to have an amazing change and I am already in track with fitness. So guys, it’s all about improving your mental state as well and I had to force myself to do all of this, none of it was a natural drive that I had one day when I woke up. The best results can be seen with hard work and perseverance. So I will keep all of you updated!

If you want to try out the same diet program, send me an email to – and I will explain you more about the program and where you can buy the products!

Happy Thursday 😊

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  • nn
    June 8, 2017


    har du tips om kremer eller behandlinger for sånn mørke partier under øye og på overleppa og haka som tamilske folk får etter mye voksing av overleppa og haka?

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