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Hey everyone!
I posted about Botox and Juvederm on my Instastory from a few weeks ago. I have a lot of inquiries and most of them are interested and I am very happy for that although some are afraid about it too. Mostly because it’s the first time and secondly because they are afraid others will notice the difference knowing it has been done.
So here is my answer to all of you about that…
In Switzerland, everything used to be very, very late. When it comes to fashion, cosmetics or beauty treatments because Botox and Juvederm was very new and popular in Norway about 4 years ago. But in Switzerland it is becoming famous now as well as with beauty treatments like lashes. I have seen some work from other people who has done it before and are not satisfied. One reason for that is because the doctor hasn’t done it before here, so they don’t quite have the experience like people does in Norway. They perform Botox and Restylane on almost 10-15 people every day so they know exactly how to do it to get the best result!
The professional who is good at this is coming to Switzerland and is one of the best in Norway. When I had Clinic in Norway, I had the opportunity to do a collaboration with her and we even girls as young as 16-17 years old who asked for Botox and wanted to fill their lips with 2ml. And what is really good about her is that she informs her customers in detail about what they need and what they don’t need. Some professionals will just happily do what the customers say EXACTLY, simply to earn some money. But she works for satisfaction and ensuring her customers are well informed and are happy with the treatment they have received. She wants her customers to look natural and good so this way, you are in safe hands. We will be planning to do it in the second week of December.
You do not need to worry about people knowing this or not. What you talk with a doctor, stays confidential with her and nobody will know anything. Same with me, if you are interested to do some fillers, nobody will know your name or what you wanted to do. So please, do not worry about any of that.
So If anyone is interested, please contact me through WhatsApp 0041791761718 or mail
Thank you and have a good start of your weekday x

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