Hello everyone, I have a lot to fill you in with and the excitement is surreal even when I write about it. I was in London few weeks ago. It all started when my friend asked me to go to Swayawara show on Sunday 3rd December. Then I heard that Rachel Smith is doing a masterclass Saturday 2nd so I thought ‘why not! Might as well join the class when I land in London’ … and so I did.

Me and my friend Thushi planned to do a photoshoot together and we have been planning this for a long ago and now came the time where we had to implement it. I had the chance to be the model and the be the makeup artist for the same shoot. How blessed is that! The feeling was and still is amazing. As you have seen before on my social media platforms, I don’t do many model shoots because I feel I’m a bit too old for that. But in this case, that never was the barrier. Lol.

So the VIVAHAM shoot time came… and it became a massive hit and I am extremely happy to have been a part of that shoot. Everyone who worked behind this photoshoot, every person, every effort – all of us have received immense amount of love, motivation and appreciation for this photoshoot. Firstly, I want to thank you Vruddhi jewellery for asking me to be one of the models and also Thushi MUA for asking to collaborate with this wonderful team. The pictures also turned out great and all the photo credits go to Soozana and Ijeyash.

Here are few pictures from the shoot. If you wanna see more? Click into Makeup on the main menu and you will see more pictures from the shoot!

Vrddhi Shoot-117 Vrddhi Shoot-152 Vrddhi Shoot-193 Vrddhi Shoot-15

I think you already have seen the screenshots of the Swayawara shoot and I must say; I’m a little bit disappointed too when it comes to the masterclass. We didn’t get much information and updates about the masterclass. In the mail we received, we were told to attend at a certain time and that the goodie bags will be of a certain price value and turned out it wasn’t, along with no professional photographers and we waited hours before we got a proper response from the person who was responsible for arranging all of this. All the students who intended to take part in the master class were also disappointed.

So let’s all just hope for the best when incidents like this occurs again and that nobody is disappointed. We must make sure that every event we organise; no element is missed out and that we always have backup plans to cover up any mistakes we make. Because we always have people looking up to us and for our inspiration therefore we must be great examples on time management, for the youth.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a good time with family and friends ❤ I have numerous plans for 2018 and I cannot wait to tell you guys all about it!!

Have a great week ahead of you xx
Merry Christmas and happy holiday.

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