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I received few messages after I posted a mirror photo of myself wearing this fur coat from Nellis London on Instagram. People started disliking it and expressed their hate towards me along with telling me what I should or should not wear.

Yes, I have to be honest that I have no done enough research regarding the fur industry therefore, for some people my fur coat photo might have been very offensive and might have took it personally. I understand. I had been looking for a fur coat for long time like the one in the photo. Then I came across Nellis London’s Instagram profile and the price seemed decent so I decided to purchase it. I started thinking deeply about the fur industry and the few messages I received regarding the fur coat made me more concerned. I did not want to be a bad influence for my followers and people who truly love and support me… So I decided to send Nellis London a message to know more about the production and this is the reply I received:

I was really happy to hear that their products are sheared (meaning shaven off). So basically it’s the same as clip on extensions. When you go to a hair saloon and cut your hair, specially Indian hair, some of the saloons use the hair and turn it into hair extensions. We buy it and use it again. So long as we don’t kill the animal to reuse the fur or the hair I feel it is acceptable.

I hope those who were worried about the fur discussion got their answer.

I don’t want to be a bad influence for my followers at the same time I’m just me, I don’t want to hide anything to be a better person in your eyes.

Thank you for your understanding 🙂

Have a lovely week.

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