First of all I have to thank all of my beautiful followers for the lovely and positivee feedbacks i got for my bride from Norway and best friend, Merutha. To be honest we never did a proper trial and all we ever tried were various makeup looks in Vegas. The jewelleries were selected few days before the wedding and the saree was pleated the day before. But the result and the feedback was AMAZING! We didn’t sleep at all the day before the wedding. I was so tired!  I mean, we all know how chaotic things can be in terms of wedding preparation as well as ensuring everything runs smoothly the way we want it. To top that, I had been unwell during the wedding time and used antibiotics to keep myself awake and alive to help my bestfriend.

So everything before the wedding felt upside down for me haha! I didn’t even have the energy to dance at the dancefloor at the wedding. Normally I’m the first person on the dance floor, but at her wedding I was feeling DEAD!

Anyway, I am so so happy for the outcome and the pictures looks seriously amazing. Not to mention Merutha does have some beautiful features so it is not that difficult to do a good job on her but I also must mention that if the makeup artist does not do a good job you can absolutely spoil the bride’s face

Merutha’s bridal look is definitely my kind of style. I love to do looks like that. The simplicity it has yet at the same time the clean bridal look. To my upcoming brides, please do take a look at these pictures. Don’t you want bridal looks like this for your day?


I know that Switzerland is very slow when it comes to fashion and Beauty updates. I hope I can push it to the next level. Till now, I always do what my brides ask for. But I do intend to create a signature look for my work and I would try to be more active of my brides’ decisions. Not in a way that I push them to create a look I like but create a look together to get the best version of themselves. I have never been that person who likes heavy of makeup, bright colours or stone work sarees.

Some brides are afraid if they wouldn’t look like a bride or maybe the female guests ending up looking more lovely than the bride herself. I mean come on, I have to be brutally honest with you all… we all tend to have crazy thoughts like this.

But you know what? The more clean and elegant the look is, the more the bride will shine inside out. At the end when you wear the jewellery, flowers and everything you will definitely look like a bride. So I hope my brides will stop worrying about others and focus on what YOU want to be done on YOU 😊

Also to all my future brides, I did get some inquires on whether if I do designing on bridal lenghas and matching sherwanis! Yes I do, so if you are getting married this year and are looking for any beautiful couple outfits send me an email and I will do my best to help you with it 🙂

Thank you! Have a great week ahead x

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