My name is Thiva and I’m 26 year old. Im originally from Sri lanka, lived 18 years in Norway and now moved to Switzerland. I have a wonderful family with worlds best mother, father, 2 older sisters, husband, brother & father in law. Im also aunt for 3 beautiful boys. We are a big family, and we are going to be even bigger with the time!!

I spent over 13 years at school and finished my bachelor degree in marketing. I decided to take some courses in Make up. Summer 2013 i did travel to London to learn more about skin and make up. I had always dreamed of becoming a makeup artist and here I am.

I also did had a dream to open my own beauty lounge. In february 2015, me and my old colleague found out that we wanna start our own business. So we opened a beauty lounge 26. february 2015 in Drammen, Norway. Summer 2016, i did get married in Switzerland. So i cancelled the partnership in Norway and moved to Switzerland august 2016. I also have a dream to do my own business here in Switzerland, not only beauty but also something with fashion.

I do blog about my life, fashion, beauty and everything that I want to share with you. If you like this blog,
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I wanna thank all of you who have followed me so far and big thanks for your support. It´s truly so much fun and very rewarding knowing that I´m able to reach so many people and do what I love.

Welcome to my world.