Hey all beautiful peeps!


It has been a long time since I updated my blog – I know, just got caught up with too many things. You know how it is ! Some of you had already started worrying about and I even received few Instagram and Snapchat messages from my dear followers asking and wondering if I am doing okay. Honestly, you kill me with your love and care! It feels so good to know that you care about me and had wondered about my absence.

Some assume that my blog is for gossip or like a newspaper and checks it out just to see what’s going on in my life. Some folks really do care and those folks (you know who you are) does let me know that from time to time! 😊

I share 80% of my life with my readers and my followers on all platforms of social media. I do not get paid for writing a blog and I do not need to do it but it has turned into a hobby. A sweet little habit I refuse to let go of because I see it as an opportunity given to me to communicate with you guys.

So here comes my usual rant about busy schedules haha! I have been working on setting up my studio at home which could take up to another 2 weeks until the customers can see it. I have been at home most of the times just taking care of our home as well as bonding with my father-in-law – our cooking sessions together is the funniest, time flies LOL !

I have no idea why the people I meet at functions keep asking me if I am pregnant LOL but I guess it is because I have gained some kilos. Looking back at my life when I lived in Norway when I woke up at 7am and went straight to the gym to ensure I was fit and healthy. After that, straight to work. This was indeed a pleasant routine of mine. I wasn’t back home until 8pm and those days just flew in! I was 50/52kg last summer and currently I am on 57kg. It is not at all something I am moaning about because I have faith I will get back in shape… Trust me, it’s just a matter of getting things sorted out before I can full concentrate on myself. I will always put your needs and wants first guys 😊

Although, I want to share with you that I intend to undertake a diet for 9 days from Monday onwards. You know how something can get in the way and you can get demotivated? LOL yes you get me! If nothing gets in my way then I will definitely share my experience with you guys. There’s nothing I would love to at the moment other than sharing my process of improving myself with you guys 😊

Right now I’m in Lüdenscheid, which is not so far away from Dusseldorf. I’m here for a bridal booking and I will be back in Switzerland on Saturday night. So keep following me guys, on Snapchat and Instagram for some stories and livestreaming. Don’t lose hope guys haha I AM BACK! And I will be very happy to read your feedbacks!

I MISSED YOU GUYS just as much you MISSED ME?

Have a great weekend ahead of you ❤



This is what I looked like on Friday night! I’m completely in love with waist corset, it’s so pretty! :’) You can combine with a classy dress or with a jumper for a more daily use. People in Switzerland does not dress up really for a night out. I am so accustomed to wearing dresses with high heels when I go out with my girls in Norway. But since I moved to Switzerland, I get more used to going out with casual clothes haha! It is so weird in Bern but most people start starring at you if you go out in high heels. Like all eyes on you! Haha. Lol you might think that’s weird but different things are acceptable in different places. So yes, back to the point.. I would have to just get used to dressing more casually now.

Tonight we are going for hiphop night so follow me on my snapchat (thivamua) if you want to join me during the fun 😊

Have a great week ahead y’all, love you!

Q & A

It feels so good to be back home, well… At least for a few weeks, either way, I’m grateful to be back in my super comfort zone! Some people think that travelling is fun. Well it can be if you are travelling with your family or friends – surely it makes the journey more joyous! BUUUT, in my case, I travel too often back and forth due to work purposes. And THAT makes me tired, really tired! The term ‘jetlagged’ does not even do justice to it.Despite all of the complaining about travelling, I am glad to be back home – also, I am back to sort a few things out for our house.
I came home to a sick baby. My hubby probably missed me too much LOL jokes apart… The worst thing is seeing your man feeling sick. It feels like the world around you sinking. He cannot drive, eat or lift; just laying in bed and complaining about the condition of being so helpless. He got some Neocitran and hot soup so that had eased the sickness slightly for him. Ah, what a relief to see a change! Imagine if men had periods? How the heck would they cope? Complain? Grumble? Be silent about it like us women do? LOL! We unwillingly go through this pain every month and normally I do not utter a word about it! It’s funny because when men are sick, they cannot do anything but when we feel sick as a pig; we STILL have to do daily chores and duties. What is this?! LIFE, I suppose lol.
Anyway, I cleaned the full house today. Tomorrow is Tamil New Year so everything has to be spotless. We have 2 houses to clean now until we move into our new house. So if anyone is looking to rent an apartment in Thun, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Hope you are all good doing!! Since I don’t have any idea about what I can blog on; I thought I’d go ahead with a Q and A since it’s been very long since I did it. So go on and leave your questions in the comment field below and I shall make a new post in my blog with the answers to your questions. Have a wonderful Tamil New Year with your loved ones, in advance ❤



This week has been unbelievably hectic. I came home from London last Sunday and had customers almost every day for appointments; whether it be for lashes to be done or for bridal makeup.. and as of today, I have a reception makeup to do! Even though to may come across as if though I am complaining; I love every second of my profession. The joys when you are handed full responsibility to make someone look extremely beautiful on their extremely special day 😊
Now I am heading back to London as I have a puberty ceremony booking tomorrow and I will be back on Wednesday guys!
I am going for a makeup booking with my dearest friend Thushi on Monday and on Thuesday I have to do some extra shopping for my brother-in-law’s wedding! It’s all a struggle getting everything done in place and on time but I cannot wait for the big day, I am already excited haha!
The date is almost fixed so all that is left to do is sort of the most vital elements and that being – photography, decoration, arranging food menu etc!
The weather in Switzerland is highly favourable as it is sunny and beautiful! Feels like summer already and as a makeup artist; I would be mostly looking forward to wearing summer clothes and collaborating with other fun things. Maybe I need to do some shopping in London and renew my closet as I never have enough clothes… Is this just me or every female’s issue? Haha!
Anyway, I am extremely tired so I shall get my rest.. nevertheless, it feels good to be in touch with all of you and letting you know what I do.. I have to wake up at 3am so I will catch you guys later this week.

Have a nice weekend ahead y’all 😊

The necessity to travel so much


Life has its ups and downs. People will always have their negative output known as to how you are expected to behave or not travel to certain places, expected to stay at home etc. With all respect, I will not reveal the person’s name here who addressed these issues very rudely to me.

Few days ago, I received a Snapchat message from a person who claims that I am doing ‘too much bullsh*t to be famous’, the person does not expect me to travel so much considering the fact that I am married and might be just having fun abroad without taking my husband along with me.

So this is the method I chose to reply to that person.. Since you took your time and effort to correct me on how I should be living my life in your perspective, please take your time and effort to read the following 😉

To that person and for anyone who intends to send nasty messages as such in the future; I only travel for client bookings and to attend courses; to which neither of it I can take my husband along with me – he will get bored LOL !

I went to Canada for a 5-week course and then London last week for another course to attend, then to Norway before London because I had a client booking to take care of. Whenever I get bookings in Norway, I will always stay for some extra days to spend time with my family and friends. I’m accustomed to that simply because I’m going where my profession takes me. So to the person who sent me that message on Snapchat, if you want a meet and greet with me I will arrange that if that’s what is bothering you, LOL 😝

Me and my husband were spending a lot more time together in our distant relationship before marriage and now it is only different because of our busy schedules we both have due to our careers. Also, even when we are living in the same country, we do not necessarily get the time to each other and again, all comes down to our equally busy careers. He is spending 99% of his time investing in his business and so am I, all because we want to give the best to our families in the future.

Without me writing it here, I still let my followers know on social media about how I feel from time to time when moving to different places etc. When I lived in Norway I was a busy woman there too even though I was upset when I moved to Switzerland at first. I am here to build a future for myself as well as supporting my husband to build his. Being supportive of each other’s careers is how I got the confidence and courage to travel and explore so much. If my husband ever put a stop to any of my dreams; I would not be where I am right now. Therefore, knowing the importance of a good support system specially it being from your family, it feels good and nothing will stop you from reaching that ladder of success!

Some people have told me that I do not look like an approachable person LOL but please before making prejudgements; do take your time to get to know me. It is this perception we have to change; marriage does not require a woman to stay at home always to look after everything and everyone else. She can do both which I perfectly am doing right now. I have no struggles or complaints about juggling my family life and professional life together. If you have a very serious career to focus on, especially when it requires you to travel a lot, I say you do it ! Go where life takes you, not where others expect you to be. Live your own dreams, please do not live according to others’ judgements.

I did not get upset or extremely angry with that person who sent me that message on Snapchat because at the end, it feels good to prove you wrong, also knowing that your attempt to put me under a dark shade has miserably failed. We are here to pull each other up, not to drag each other down.

This issue is not being addressed because I require sympathy, no no… Simply because I want to let all of you know that this is my profession. It is what I had only dreamt of doing, rest of it was God’s idea to put me in this position 😊

P.S – take no bullshizzle from anyone 😉

Also, to all other lovely peeps who has been waiting for me to break the surprise as to whether I am pregnant or not… Unfortunately, I am not LOL. BUT my brother in law is hopefully getting married this year and we are on the run to find a wedding hall. Sadly, it is all booked on the popular wedding dates of this year. Currently, we are trying to figure out a way and solve it. I felt soooo lonely because I was the only girl, finally I will have a sister in law soon. ‘Who will run the world? Girls!’ HAHA!

Love you all! xx



I am so happy to have gotten so many new friends from so many countries. It was pleasure to be one of the students at his class. We all became one small family during those 4 days we spent together. We cherished those moments as we helped, laughed and learned with each other. Our personalities just clicked instantly and it felt like we knew each other since a very long time! And now we have left with amazing memories and eagerly waiting for the next time we will get to see each other.

When Georg said ‘Wow you look beautiful. You have a beautiful face with perfect features. I would love to do your hair. Would you be my model?’ I was totally shocked upon hearing this!! And up until now, the way he complimented me echoes in my ears LOL! Anyways, I said yes to him, I mean obviously!! The world’s best hairdresser wants me as his model? Why would I not! It was indeed a privilege to model for Georg.
He said so many pleasant things about me as the Oscar Ceremony but unfortunately, not all of it was properly recorded. He invited me to Russia and said that he would love to work with me in the future! Another moment that I almost fainted! I am blessed beyond words! He believed in me and my capabilities of being in this profession and even said ‘You have a bright future ahead of you!’ I can recall him calling me Beyoncé from day one, not because I look similar to the celebrity but because he said that I am an internationally talented woman. He gave me a lot of motivation during those moments as well! Most students in the class also remembers me as Beyoncé, haha! All thanks to Georg for giving me that nickname! The funny part is I don’t think even think they know my real name!
I have carried home so many good memories and some valuable lessons about this profession. I have to thank everyone who has motivated me to do the course because it was definitely something worth the effort and time.


For 2 days ago I met Sachi, who is one of my cousins from my husband’s site. She invited me for dinner at her house and she also introduced me to some event managers from the UK. I am so thrilled and looking forward to collaborate with some of them in the future. We will see where it will take me!
Sachi is a doctor and she is a an amazing motivator! She always pushes me to promote myself more in my profession. She is even doing a lot of promotions for me already on social media! A huge thank you to you sweetheart! :’) I am blessed to have such amazing people in my family!
This is another valuable lesson we ought to learn and always should keep in mind, the people you surround with will eventually have an impact in all areas of your life, whether it be good or bad. Therefore, having good -hearted and like-minded people like you takes you a long way! Negative people gives off negative vibes which you will eventually get caught up on, it’s a known fact. So better to avoid those negative energies from your life if you intend to grow and strive in your profession and dreams!

P.S – Do continue leaving more feedbacks on my blogs, it is the only way I will be motivated to write more. I miss my readers!

Thankyou and have a great weekend and for the week ahead of you! 😊



I truly am sorry for not updating for such a long time.
The classes were conducted from 10am to 7pm and quite evidently, I would not have much time to interact with you guys. The long hours made me feel very tired.

Putting aside the complaining of how tired I felt, I would love to inform you guys further more on how the classes went! There were so many techniques and theory involved and I am glad I got the opportunity to learn it from the best people as well as having the opportunity to collaborate with them.
Even getting the label of a student from one of the world’s best hairdressers; that itself is a privilege. Now as times goes by and continue to meet more people, I feel like I am brining more meaning into the purpose of my profession 😊

When one of the best hairstylist in the world want you as his model. That moment 😍 Im so LUCKY!!

Definitely, this class was the best I have invested my time in so far! And he is so good at entertaining the students which altogether made the whole day a lively event to be a part of! Even if all of us students pull a sad or tired face, he was always there at the centre cheering us up with his dance moves or singing LOL! None of us went home with a sad face or feel unsatisfied, that word is not in his dictionary haha! It is was such an amazing pleasure to be one of his students and I can keep on saying this over a thousand times because the day was surreal. The excitement is still within me when I write this blog!
So, further more on the updates… I have finally edited the second lookbook video on my Youtube channel here.

Please do let me know what you think, as always your feedback counts! 😊

See you soon ❤



Here are the pictures from a photoshoot I did with Saankri Label, Trails of Memories and Krish Creations. To be honest we didn’t have that much time for the photoshoot. I had a flight later that day and the shoot wasn’t planned properly. The plan was actually just to take some pictures for Saankri Label and I thought we could do that with my own camera. Then I asked myself, why not use a professional team to take the photographs? I’m not joking when I say that I got over 10 inquires in 30 mins. Trailsofmemories is definitely one of my favorite teams to work with so I decided to go with them. It was so much fun to work with them. I love down to earth people. Maybe I will see them in Europe sometime? That would be great!



As you all probably know Krish is one of favorite Canadian girls who took really good care of me. It was disappointing that we couldn’t do more collaborations together, because the last two weeks in Canada just flew by so quickly. I’m pretty sure I will meet her again somewhere soon. ☺️

Here are the photographs. My fav outfit is the dark blue and the black one. Which one is your favourite?



I just got my lashes done by Dangira In Drammen. I always feel so much fresher when I get my lashes done. I almost dont need any makeup! The eyes make all the difference. I also did a transformation with my hair. I did a keratin treatment to my hair. I have lost so much hair the last months and my scalp is to dry and itchy. I think seriously I have some problems with my scalp or my skin. My skin is not like before! It doesn’t feel fresh at all. I bought a moisturizer shampoo and conditioner from Hair Zen Lounge in Drammen after the treatment today. I will try this out first and if it doesn’t get better within some weeks I have to make an appointment so my doctor can take a look.

Definitely my studio furniture and I have some few favorite shops in Norway. Monki is a clothing store we have in our small city. Everything is so cheap there and I always find really good stuff there.

It would have to definitely be seeing my family and friends again and not to mention my two little puppies. It’s good to be back here and also get the opportunity to spend some time with them.

It’s so hard to find time for everyone while I’m here for a short period. I feel that when I was younger, everyone was much more closer to each other. When you grow up, everyone has their own stuff to do and the lifestyle kind of changes with time. When I lived here before, I almost always see my friends every weekend. Those who still live here in Norway don’t see each other that much because everyone is so busy with work and stuff. That’s kind of sad and disappointing!

I have to get everything ready for Saturday. We haven’t even done the trial for my bride on Saturday. She trusted me that much! So she promised me to come over today for a quick trial and I also need to pleat and iron the sarees! So I have to get everything ready for Saturday. I’m super excited.

Vblog from Zermatt is out on my youtube channel. Don’t forget to click and subscribe to my youtube channel and check the video out 🙂



Currently, I’m in Norway for a bridal booking then I will be flying to London before heading back to Switzerland. Ah, all this travelling! I am so unbelievably exhausted now. It’s as if though I almost have an allergy when I see a flight! The thought of settling down at my new house is what keeps me going! But I have to fly out at last once a month because as they say it ‘Go where your profession takes you!’ I agree with that completely.
For further bridal bookings, please provide the following information when informing me about your big day: Hindu, civil, how many changes and location.

I had a wonderful day out with my bestfriend Xona yesterday. We just hung out at our small city, had some amazing food and drinks. Since I’m in Norway right now; my nephew Jayden wanted to stay with me so as you an imagine, the little one did not go to kindergarten yesterday and had a typical girls day out with us! (Make sure you check my snapchat to see the little one hanging out with us!)

Fur Coat Chicy.se / Sweater Zara / Trouser Bikbok / Shoes Nelly / Belt & Handbag Louis Vuitton

I always do beauty treatments when I am in Norway and it’s also because there is this one person that I can always count on. The fear of disappointment of unsatisfactory results is the main reason I do not try a new hairdresser or beautician. I’m sure we all go through that phase!

So tomorrow, I will be heading for treatment to one of my dearest friends as well as getting my lashes done by Dangira. Lashes will definitely make my life easier, girls, come on! You’re probably nodding your head agreeing to this while reading this lol ! it’s so sad that I cannot do the extensions myself. But I am glad I’m handing over that job to the safest hands!

The story about furniture for my new home continues.. lol! I have ordered new furniture for my new studio as it was always my dream to have one for myself especially for my new customers to see it. Although I have kindly asked them to wait until May so that everything in place. So to all hose new customers, please be patient.

Privacy and comfort matters hence I made it easier for my new customers to take treatment in my studio rather than simply at home where disturbances might pop up! I made this arrangement because it adds a pinch of professionalism and consistency into my profession. Making you happy is what makes me happy!

The treatments that I will be offering are: threading, tinting, waxing, facial, eyelash extensions and of course bridal packages. So you can make your bookings and let me know via my email ID –info@thivamua.com.
Have a great week ahead and have a nice day!